Feeling Fancy


For a week, I decided to dress a bit nicer and very much differently from my usual Band tshirt, black converse, and black jeans and more along the lines of nice shirts, dresses, skirts, heels, and sandals. What I found out is that you are definitely treated with a greater respect. People see you much differently. I’m not sure if I like it or not.

This is just a little thought from my subconscious. Not really my subconscious. Anyways, thanks for reading!


My Self Pride (Life)

As you do not know, I am an amateur actress and tonight I just did an improv. (Which is where you don’t have a script ND you make up a scene on the spot while following some rukes) night for a fundraiser. This night went fantastic and I am really proud of myself. I was the shining star and was asked almost every time to do a skit!

Just thought I should write a bit of an update type thing. Tell me in the comments what you’ve been proud of recently.

And an eye picture because I don’t know what else to put!



WARNING: The subject matter that lies within this chapter contains very gruesome and disturbing images. Viewer discretion is advised.

This May, as a challenge for myself, I have decided to become a vegan for a month. I have to some extensive planning because I am underweight and I can’t afford to lose any extra poundage, but that’s not what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about this: Why veganism?

First, let’s talk about what it means to be a vegan. Being a true vegan means that you must not eat any animal product (meat, egg, fish, or dairy products), you must not have any animal tested products (anything that has been tested on animals), and you must not wear/use any animal products (leather, wool, feathers, hide, etc.). You can’t have/use/eat any of these things.

Why would you change your entire lifestyle ( AND give up BACON) and have to plan out your meals so you don’t, like, die of lack of protein and stuffs?

This is what I wanted to talk about.

When you switch to veganism, you are boycotting the torturous wrath of the multi-billion dollar animal product corporations. There isn’t really any regulations on how you have to treat animals when you farm them.

Less regulations, less workers, more mass-production, more money.

For cows, the female cows are injected with cow sperm so that they can produce offspring. The offspring are removed from the mother cow at a very early age and are barely raised or nurtured. The mother cow will have her utters hooked up to a machine that will suck massive amounts of milk from her until her lactation period is over and then she will be forced to reproduce once again and the cycle repeats itself until she dies.

Male cows are raised until they are grown big and fat until they are slaughtered and their meat harvested as well as their skin for leather. A lesser fate than the females, but still a tragic one.

Well, just stop eating beef, using leather, and consuming dairy! That’s much easier than everything!

That’s not everything. Let’s talk about chickens now.

Chickens are forced to live in 1ft by 2ft cages that harbor 3+ chickens who are not necessarily alive or not. This is just for their adult life. Their eggs are put on conveyor belts and they hatch on those belts and are sorted into their cages, chicks never see their mothers. These chickens can and will go crazy and can murder other chickens in their pens. If they have to be moved for whatever reason, they are carried upside-down by their claws.

Okay, maybe scratch off chicken and egg products. What about fish?

Well my friend, commercial fishing has done a lot to the ocean ecosystems. The boats have massive nets that they drag across the sea floor that pick up EVERYTHING. Coral reefs that take a long time to replace and are the world’s most biodiverse areas of the world, are destroyed and just thrown back into the water. Tons of fish. They catch fish they don’t even mean to catch! But they throw these fish back onto the water, so that’s kind of okay, right? WRONG! These fish cannot be saved by throwing them back into the water. The very low depths that these fish live in have different pressures and once they are brought to the surface, their stomachs explode. Literally.

Then give up fish too! But don’t give up the bacon!!!

Yes, bacon, too. Pigs are kept in filthy pens indoors, never seeing sunlight and once they are big and fat, they shoot them in the skull with a bolt gun in front of the other pigs. The pig will undergo a seizure-like state before it is completely dead. The dead pigs are hung up from the ceiling in the unclean environment and then skinned and harvested by the murderers!

This is quite a touchy subject, and I tried not to explain the extremely gruesome things these people do. I suggest you research some of these things from documentaries and find out for yourself what horrible things they can do.

One last question, why aren’t you becoming a vegan ASAP?

The only reason I’m not a vegan right now is because I really need to plan out my diet further so I do not die, or get put in the hospital for malnutrition.
I hope you found this informative and think carefully about what you eat.

P.S. The products that say “free range” supposedly mean that the animals are kept in a nice enviroment, but companies do the actually have to follow those guidelines.

Maybe I should

Maybe I should write.
Maybe I should read.
Maybe I should catch up on some schoolwork?

Maybe I should tidy up.
Maybe I should dust.
Maybe I should organize my room to make my life more efficiant.

Maybe I should draw.
Maybe I should paint.
Maybe I should express my creativity in some way so I’m not bored with life.

Maybe I should…
I don’t know…
Write a blog post?


Beautifully stated. Enough said.

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What do I want you to see?

Queer visibility is not the work of a moment. It’s the work of a lifetime — and every single day counts. Do I have the energy for this?

Everyone’s been asked The Question at one point or another. “If you could either be invisible or be able to fly,” they say, “what would you choose?”

But in reality, it’s not really a choice. Because even though I’ve always flown in my dreams, in real life, I’ve always been invisible. Specifically, an invisible queer person.

Mostly, honestly, this is fine. Not reading as queer makes me feel safe at rest stops and when traveling to new places. And during all of those years when I was in the closet, looking like a straight girl meant one less thing I had to worry about — at least nobody was accusing me of anything as I hid, trying to untangle the threads of…

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16 Held Such Better Days

Surrounded by Spruce,
Endless evergreens.
This is where I am.
This is what I’ve become.

About 9am,
Middle of a forest,
Awaiting my friends.

Fun with my friends,
The one story to tell the kids…

No arrival.
Maybe a text?
To confirm.

U gonna b here?

I thought u were joking! Lol! I’m in science.

He’s the one who suggested it.
I can’t go back now,
What a fool I’d be.

Maybe I’ll stay here for the day.
Bear -Grills-style.
Enjoying the scenery,
Enjoying the starvation.


Mom would kill me,
To go home now.
Rip my head of,
Serve it for dinner.

No money,
No car,
In the woods.

2 more hours,
Til mom shows up.
At school.

I walk.
Walk the direction,
Of school?

In the woods.
No phone.
Just my backpack.
Of school supplies.
No food.

Approaching death,
One step,

I can see the glimmer,
Of the Reaper’s scythe.

The cloak,
So dark,